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Slaves - Hypnotised (Video)
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On a glassy eyed stare, a passing idea
Hold on just a minute let me stop you right there
Pick yourself up boy, dust yourself down
Nothing going on in this imaginary town
Italian cars, reality stars, fuck no
Fuck no. no thank you

Video games, eating your brains
Transmitters controlling the perceptions of pain
Feelings are reduced, need another boost
Neck another can, satisfy your sweet tooth
Exclusive bars, reality stars. fuck no
No, no thanks

Hypnotised TV
Hypnotised HD
Hypnotised 3G
Spending time, dribbling

So the mouth goes slack, no turning back
Spine turns to liquid, the room turns black
Oh what a waste, what a catastrophe
Oh what a world oh what a tragedy
Reality stars, fuck no
Push up bras, reality stars. Fuck no

Hypnotised TV
Hypnotised HD
Hypnotised 3G
Spending time, drooling

So the bones grow weak, the scene looks bleak
It may just sound strange but it's far from unique
Just another case of couch obesity
Pick yourself up boy, find some dignity
Chocolate bars, la la la's. Fuck no
No no no no thank you

Hypnotised TV
Hypnotised HD
Hypnotised 3G
Hypnotised, dribbling

Hypnotised TV
Hypnotised HD
Hypnotised 3G
Spending time, eating junk food

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